Lindsay Mendez & Derek Klena
2012 & 2013 BC/EFA’s Flea Market
From Dogfight to Wicked

no confetti for the boys who stayed!


As requested, here there is Lindsay Mendez and Derek Klena singing As Long As You’re Mine during their first performance in Wicked [Broadway, 28.05.2013]

GET TO KNOW ME MEME: [1/5] male characters → eddie birdlace

and i wont forget

can’t regret

what i did for love

every fly girl episode  episode 7: bryant park fun

Wicked in Bryant Park.

lindsay mendez and derek klena in wicked

It’s just - for the first time, I feel… Wicked.

just for a night, no holding tight, let go…


Theatre Love Stories

 Eddie & Rose (Dogfight)



Aaaaand #klendez